Tuesday, February 20, 2007


With no weight training scheduled for last night I was wandering around the house like a bit of a lost soul. BS was tucked safely into bed, WH was watering the crispy plants outside (its been very hot and dry here) and me...well I was waiting for Desperate Housewives to begin. That was the highlight of my evening. Sad hey??!!

I was up at my usual time this morning and 2 minutes before setting out for my run, it started raining. WTF!!! I just couldnt face the exercise bike in the hot and stuffy exercise room so I braved the rain. Plus I was convinced it wouldnt last. Well I didnt get too far before I woosed out and made my way home to finish the cardio session on the dreaded bike. I cant say that today's cardio inspired me or left me feeling great, but I guess I wont always have those awesome sessions. The main thing is that I did cardio despite adverse conditions, whereas in the past the rain would have been reason enough to chuck it in for that day. Oh and let me not forget that I took the 206 stairs up to my floor at work to compensate for the earlier session. Just a little bit of extra cardio to boost the day's total.

Well its finally back!! The new series of Dancing With The Stars starts tonight and I cant wait. Luckily tonight is shoulders and tris which is my shortest session so it'll fit nicely around the show. You might question where my priorities lie, but I just call it multi-tasking :-)



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