Friday, February 16, 2007


After reading Lia's and Katie's blogs I've decided to hop on the "Opertation..." bandwagon. Mine is Operation 65/74": 65 kilos OR 74cms waist measurement by 23rd March. Its a pretty ambitious goal but I'm determined to give it my best shot. On that weekend, WH and I are going to Sydney with my best friend and her husband. We'll all be celebrating our anniversaries there (ours is on the 26th so its perfect timing) and I want to look good for that trip. As for my reward, I just want to be able to wear some of my beautiful thin clothes that have sat in my wardrobe since I've been heavy again. That will be a huge treat for me :-)

So I'm focussing on my positive mindset and drawing strength from my desire to succeed (thanks for this insight Liz). I have yet to weigh and measure to check where I'm starting from but will do this shortly. So its clean eats, minimal alcohol and training with passion and determination for the next 5 weeks. I know the going will get tough at times but this is a good chance to show what I'm made of.

We have a bbq at my parents' place tomorrow with some of my family. No alcohol for me and I'm going to sit as far away from the nibbles as possible. Mum usually does some nice chicken and a tossed salad so eats should be ok. Saying no to desert will test me though. I'm planning to train legs on Saturday and I have a new program which I'm looking forward to trying. If all goes well, I'll even do chest/bis on Sunday which gives me a great headstart on my weight training for the week. Its going to be a scorching weekend so I'll decide which cardio is best at the time on Saturday. Sunday will be my classes. I need to clock up a few really good days to get me on a strong start.

So thats it for me. Have a great weekend all.



Spartze said...

Hey cool good on ya was the BBQ?

LizN said...

Good spirits Magda!