Saturday, February 24, 2007


...yes I've just got to get this BMW off my chest. I am sick of being surrounded by tempting, crappy (but delicious!) food all day. Every Friday my floor has a big morning tea for everyone. There is always a range of the usual junky things and some fruit of which I have a few mouthfuls. But yesterday the table was groaning under cakes, biscuits, sausage rolls, corn chips, crackers, dips and more and not a piece of fruit in sight. Thats M1 off my chest.

Now for M2: Usually the stuff goes pretty quickly and the fruit lingers around for the day. So why was it that yesterday this huge plate of what looked like anzac biscuits lasted ALL DAY. Along with an assortment of the other junk it was there teasing me ALL DAY.

Ready for M3??!! I dont know how many catered meetings were held in the conference room on our floor but there was also a steady stream of even more cakes and pastries coming out as left-overs from the meetings. It just seemed never ending. Cakes, more cakes and even more cakes.

Oh and to put the icing on the cake I had to go to the Central Market (the greatest food place ever in Adelaide) and with a bit of time on my hands wanted to have a look around before I bought something for WH's dinner. Yep you guessed it cakes, breads, pastries and every delectable morsel you can imagine.

It took all my strength to resist this never ending stream of temptations but I did it.

To end on a happy note, I had a wonderful night out with the girls (quite impromptu) going to a concert and then out for coffee (or peppermint tea for me) afterwards. Oh and there wasnt a cake in sight at our table :-)..

Cheers all


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LizN said...

Hooray for no BMWs Magda. Come comp day, your body will be as sleek as a Mercedes sports!

Liz ;)