Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Firstly let me say that all is going well. I didnt need to train last night as I did a double weights session in the morning but I did some moderate intensity cardio in the afternoon. Eating was right on track too.

So why am I refelctive today? I try hard to not dwell on the past and all the mistakes that I have made but I think there is benefit in looking back on events and learning from them so you dont repeat the same mistakes over and over. Having said that I've been thinking about last weekend and how I totally lost the plot and lost control of my eating. I have planned some strategies to try if/when I feel like that again. Just little things to do to prevent such a negative blowout again. I have a big jar of pickled vegetables in my pantry, just perfect if I'm craving something salty, sour, crunchy etc. I also have some dried dates which are so sweet that just a few should satisfy a craving for sweets. Then there is always the option of just getting out of the kitchen/house and doing something right away from food. I know it may take all my strength to choose these options in future, but being able to do so will only help me get to the figure bb stage. Thats incentive enough....I hope.

I've been quite hungry today too. Its just meant that some of meals/snacks were a bit earlier than usual and luckily I had a busy afternoon so that took my mind off my rumbling tummy for a while. The thing I love most about eating clean is that there is some food on the menu every 3 or so hours. I mean how hard is it to stick to your plan when you're eating so often? And nice yuumy stuff too. I make a point of not having anything that I downright hate and luckily my nutrition plan is still flexible enough to allow me to do that :-)

Glutes are sore today which is a real bonus. Legs are getting stronger and capable of lifting heavier weights but there is only so much I can hold in DBs so I've been concerned about how effective my leg training is. Anyway the Master (aka Josh) has warned that I will really hate him after next week's legs session which he has changed. What makes him think that it'll take til next week for me to hate him :-)
. Just kidding! Love ya Josh :-))



Alicia said...

You're doing well Magda and its great to see a positive mindset coming through. I always have "emergency craving food" on hand when I need it, though my preference is a jar of gherkins! And remember too, the first comp is always the hardest and it does definitely get easier - trust me!

Di Broeren said...

Alicia is so right Magda, believe it or not it does get easier! Everybody goes through what you did at some stage, you just don't always hear about those struggles. But it is a very real part of our sport. It has taken me 2 years to be able to feel in control! So you are definitely not alone. It's great that you can reflect on the incident and plan how you will deal with things if it happens again. You should be very proud of yourself, this is a huge step forward.

Stay positive, when you step on stage all the struggles will be forgotten and all you will feel is pure exhilaration!

Magda said...

Thanks for the supportive comments guys.
It would have been easy to not write about my blowout and make as though everything was going smoothly. But at the end of the day I'm only fooling myself. So I've decided my blog will be warts and all. The good and the bad will all be written about. It helps me too.