Thursday, February 01, 2007


Today's meeting with Tanita was a bit of a let down but I havent let it get me down. My measurements had dropped a little and I'm feeling better as each day goes by so its a big pfff to the scales which were telling me I'd gained .6. What would they know anyway!

Josh prescribed a different cardio sprint session for me today and it was great. I jogged to my local oval and did 20 sec sprint/40 sec recovery splits for 20 minutes, then jogged home. The whole session took 30 minutes and the time goes so much quicker than on a steady state run.

Last night I did back and abs at the gym and saw a little bit more improvement on some of the exercises. Curl grip pulldowns are my absolute favourites as I just feel so strong in that position. Shame I cant say the same about wide grips as well. Still struggling a bit with those. Then followed up with my classes but had lower than normal energy. My bet is that its just my legs being tired from the previous night's weights and the day before's sprints. The things we do to get into shape. If you'd have told me that I'd be doing sprint runs, heavy leg weights, 90 minute cardio sessions when I'm teaching and some "lighter cardio" (eg steady state runs) to fill in the other days, I'd have said "NO WAY! I CANT DO ALL THAT" But look at me! I'm doing it all and dare I say I'm even enjoying it...well some of the time :-)

I'm having the day off work tomorrow as its the last day before BS goes back to kindy. Cant wait to hang out with my gorgeous boy. Life is good :-)



Shar said...

Hey Magda

Glad life is good.

You seem to be rolling along just nicely!

Those sprints sounded great!!

Shar x

Lia Halsall said...

I'm glad to hear that things are moving along nicely for you. As time goes by it does get easier. :o)

Splice said...

The sprints are great idea, you will totally burn up more fat doing it that way.
I know things get pretty tiring by the end of the week but its a good time to reflect on everything you have achieved in the week and then you can expect the results to follow.
Keep going, your doing so well.

Janew said...

Hi Magda, just popping by your blog! You are doing an awesome job there with your training!! Well done :)
Good luck with your goals!!

Jane :)