Wednesday, January 31, 2007

SHE'S GETTING LEGS (sung to the tune of the famous ZZ Top song "She's got legs")

What a great leg session last night. Oh the pain, the sweat dripping off me, the quads burning, the hammies screaming and me pulling the ugliest faces ever! Thank god for the comic relief! Picture this: First exercise is DB lunges. Just before starting my last set BS needs help to get set up on the toilet for a number 2 (He's 4 years old) so I set him up and get back to the lunges. Last set, last leg, I'm counting reps "5 and 6 and..." then a pained voice calls out "Mummy I need some heeeeeelp". Hmf down go the dumbells and off I race to BS's rescue. Problem solved and back to the lunges. So one minute you're totally focussed on what you need to do to be a figure competitor and then BANG you're reminded that you NEVER stop being a mum (especially when you train at home).

So session all wrapped up and I'm having my PWO shake and ask WH "So are my legs looking better?" "Yes dear" spoken with just enough enthusiasm to keep me happy. I swear had he said otherwise I would have smacked him :-) So then I'm having my PWO piece of fruit running around to every mirror in the house checking out how my legs are looking. And I swear there is less cellulite there now than there was 8 weeks ago, which I point out to WH (more than once).

Coming down to earth now the reality is that I've still got a long way to go before I have good legs, but as they slowly improve I'm kept motivated and determined to succeed. Bring on that next lot of sprints :-)



Splice said...

Well done Magda :-)
And just think how much exercise your getting from arounding around the house checking out your legs ;-)

Go figure mum, go!!

Di Broeren said...

No doubt your legs are looking better! Doesn't it feel great! Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

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