Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Yesterday was a difficult day as I felt so flat and lethargic. I'm supporting WH by doing a detox with him. I'm not following the diet strictly as I want to keep my protein intake up but I have cut out alcohol (I know, I shouldnt be having it anyway), caffeine, red meat and anything processed or remotely junky. I'm also taking all the detox supplements and I'm sure that I now rattle. My sytem is feeling it. I dont have a headache this time (I've detoxed before with great success) but I'm so incredibly tired.

Here's the conversation I was having with myself on the way home from work yesterday: "I'm so tired. I'm too tired to train legs tonight. There's no way I can squat those heavy weights today. I feel like crying. I feel like going to bed when I get home and sleeping til its time to go to work tomorrow".....and it went on like that.

But a figure competitor does NOT give in to these negative influences and when the time came I did my leg training as prescribed and gave it my best. Failure is NOT an option.

We had no internet access last night so I was a bit lost in the evening and couldnt try to post those pics again. I will try again today but if I have no success I'll need to call on some help as I truly am technically challenged.

Eating has been good. Even with lunch out yesterday, I stuck to the warm chook salad and tried to limit the quantity to something reasonable instead of the gargantuan portion you get when eating out at a cafe. I've also set myself a goal of being in bed by 10pm as I really need the extra sleep lately and I have been sleeping like the dead.

Cheers for now



Alicia said...

You will have times were those negative thoughts will creep in and you feel like you can't train. There were times I even burst into tears at the gym and had to walk out halfway through my session. Good to see that you turned your thoughts around and gave it a go. You're definitely getting a great mindset! xo

Magda said...

Yeah sometimes I read the training program Josh has set out and I almost cry at the weights he prescribes. But I do try to pull myself out of it and I figure if I give it my best shot then I've done ok.


Lia Halsall said...

Failure is not an option, great quote! :o) xx

Magda said...

Thanks Lia. Thats a "Magdaism". Its a quote I remind myself of daily.