Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Hi all,

I thought I'd start my post today with a reflection back on 2006 and what the year held for me.

I started the year living in Brissie and working as a self-employed Personal Trainer. I finished the year living back in Adelaide and working as a Project Manager in SA Government. What a difference and what a transition.

I've been reading other blogs and many figure ladies are taking on the study to become qualified PTs to follow their dreams of having a career within an industry they are passionate about. I did the same 2 years ago and then realised that this new direction was wrong for me. The reasons are many and varied and I have no regrets about giving it a go but I'm absolutely positive that I did the right thing in getting out when I did and returning to my government position. I teach a few classes and absolutely love group fitness and realise this is where my fitness industry passions lie. Each to their own I guess.

During 2006 I made the decision to compete in figure bb and even started training for it. However the decision to move back to Adelaide and the timing of the move meant that I chucked it in and subsequently continued to yo yo with my weight and my emotions. Now that I'm settled again, I've put in motion what I need to do to achieve this goal. I'm excited about what 2007 will hold.

My main goal for the year is to compete in figure bb, with the SA INBA show being on Sep 30th (I think). To achieve this goal, I've signed with Josh Dickinson from Physique Essentials so that I get all the right direction and support to get me there. Keeping this blog is my other main support and motivation mechanism.

So I start the year already having a roller-coaster of mixed emotions. Over the last few days I've felt:

  • withdrawn as I regret eating so badly over Xmas and my week away
  • disappointed that I gained back more than 1/2 the weight I worked so hard to lose
  • motivation levels down around 0
  • determination levels hovering around 5 (/10)

But yesterday I forced myself to do cardio in the morning and eat a clean and healthy breakfast. Then I forced myself again to hit my weights room and take advantage of my last day of being on holidays by doing a double weights session (legs + chest/shoulders). After that I was totally exhausted and had a sleep before going out to dinner at my parents place and having a not-so- clean-meal.

I finished the day with a self-hypnosis session to put me well and truly back on a postive track. I'm getting back to thinking of myself as "Magda: future figure competitor" and not "Magda: sin now, pray later". My "Countdown to Comp" chart tells me there are 38 weeks to my comp and I cant afford to waste any more of them taking backward steps. I must focus on moving forward 1 step at a time. I know the rewards will be worth it.

Cheers to all


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Lia Halsall said...

Magda my dear friend, please don't be so hard on yourself at this time. What you're going through is prefectly normal and you're certainly not alone. Trust me when I say that it does get that little bit easier each year you compete.

You're on the right track though. Just remember, you must look at the glass half full and not half empty. You'll continue to have your fair share of good days bad days and you know what, that's okay. It's all about balance.

Just take things one step at a time.

Lia :o)