Thursday, January 18, 2007


We are very lucky to have daylight saving in Adelaide and I will never complain about it but right now at 5.30am (my running time) its still dark and this will only get worse as we near the end of daylight saving at the end of March. So I head out in semi darkness and arrive home just as it has dawned and its light. The things we do!!

Last night I trained back and abs. Back would have to be my favourite session. Maybe because its the one area where I have consistently improved my weights every week. I feel quite strong in this area. I also taught my classes for a great cardio session. I'm so knackered when its all over. I race home to eat and scoff my dinner like I havent seen food for a month :-)

Since we havent had internet access at home for over a week now I've rekindled a previous interest. I'm doing a 700+ pieces jigsaw puzzle. I quite enjoy sitting down and slowly trying to piece it all together. Its teaching me patience, persistence and the value of taking things just one piece (step) at a time. All the things I need to master to successfully get to that BB stage.

Yesterday we had an afternoon tea for a girl on our floor who is taking leave to get married. You should have seen the spread. Looooordie!! Yeast bun both sweet and savoury, cinnamon donuts, a huge plate of tim tams, cracker biscuits galore, chips, dips, cheese, numerous choc cakes/slices and more!! I remember a time when I would have hoed in big time....and I wonder why I was always annoyingly overweight??!! But I had my diet yogurt and herbal tea and then got right away from it all before something jumped off the table into my mouth :-)

Well better stop there and tackle my daily "to do" list.

Cheers all



Alicia said...

Yay! Good for you for not giving in at the afternoon tea. What's the bet you feel really strong for not eating any of that junk? xo

Magda said...

Sure do! I would have really beaten myself up if I had caved. Especially in that situation. Now I think if I'm going to indulge, it'll be on good quality proper food, enjoyed with my husband. (Not that thats happening very often these days either)