Monday, January 22, 2007


So much to write today as I didnt blog over the weekend. We have internet at home but I'm using dial-up so will wait til broadband is back before I attempt to put pics up again.

Let me start with Friday which can only be described as a day of highs and lows. Lunch out was fantastic. Now I will confess that my meal wasnt exactly to plan but with limited choice I did my best having a salt and pepper squid salad. It was absolutely divine and I should only have eaten half of it but could not bring myself to stop til I'd eaten it all. Did exercise bike sprints on Saturday morning to burn some it off. But on Friday night WH was surly and unsupportive expecting that we'd go home, crack a bottle of wine and drink away the evening. I was not participating, hence the bad feelings. I'd stayed off the wine at lunch time and was planning to have a couple of glasses on Saturday night so Friday drinking was out of the question. So weekend is off to a bad start :-(

On Saturday I do sprints on my exercise bike to compensate for the lunch out. I also manage an awesome shoulder/triceps workout and am feeling a lot better about my shoulder work. On Saturday we go shopping for new furniture and end up having a massive splurge. The mood is better. That evening we have dinner in a wonderful little asian place on The Parade and I really watch my portions. We share some salt and pepper squid (WH's choice), basil and chilli prawns and stir fried veges. Now its time to enjoy a little wine and I do. Over dinner we talk about holiday options this year. I'm nervous as I dont want to have a holiday in the middle of comp prep. WH keeps saying he desparately needs time of work. I can see another conflict brewing. I'm nervous and apprehensive again.

I neednt have been :-) After some discussion we agree to go to Brisbane to see the ILs. Then we will leave BS with them while we go off on our own for 3 nights in some indulgent location JUST THE 2 OF US!! Oh the luxury of it. But wait there's more....... WH AGREES TO DO ALL THIS IN OCTOBER AFTER MY COMP!!!!! :-) :-) Well I am just on cloud nine. That is too perfect for words and I'm about to burst with happiness. Now I know why he's WH (Wonderful Husband).

I have a busy Sunday with classes all morning, more furniture shopping that afternoon and I manage to train chest/biceps in the evening putting me a day ahead of my usual training schedule. I really give the session my all and I'm happy with the result. Eats are all nicely back on track but I'm bloated from fluid retention and constipation so I'm feeling really fat. But I know that'll correct itself after I'm back to my usual food/routine.

So in finishing I'll just say how lucky am I? I've finally had the courage to give the comp a go and when its all over I'll have a fantastic holiday to look forward to. And I'll be looking so hot in my new bikini. Watch me sizzle :-)



Splice said...

You sound so very happy lol. Isn't it great when you gain support from your family.

Magda said...

Yes it is but it has been an ongoing struggle. Every little win puts a smile on my face and I just hope to keep clocking them up.