Thursday, January 11, 2007


I feel good today. I've clocked up 3 days of clean eating and regular training. My tummy is flatter and my midriff doesnt bulge as much. I have varying degrees of muscle soreness and my legs are still tired and heavy after Monday's sprints and Tuesday's weights but I know thats a good thing as I pushed hard in both sessions. Its no longer a mental struggle to get back on track. I'm there, I'm doing it and I like how I feel and how I'm starting to look :-)

Yesterday I trained back/abs at the gym before teaching my classes. The back work was very hard and my arms were just about dead by the end. Then a bit of recovery time for a protein drink and some fruit and then 2 cardio classes. OMG my legs were sore and I struggled a bit but giving up is not an option when you have 20 sets of eyes on you so I soldiered on like a trooper :-)

We still have no internet access at home and expect the problem to be fixed on Friday morning (fingers crossed). So no pics on my blog til I can get on the computer at home. I must say I was a little lost last night with no blogs to read or the PE site to access. So I took it easy and read "Fattitude" by Craig Harper (recommended on Sue Heintze's web site). What an excellent book about weight loss/getting fitter. He hits the nail on the head so many times and in really funny ways. Its a great read.


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