Tuesday, January 09, 2007


My guests have left, the junk food has been cleared from our house, the social calendar is back in drought mode and I have taken stock of where I'm at and where I want to go. The Xmas break was great but I did go way off track with my diet and this carried into another week or so. That second week saw some good eating days but it had its fair share of bad ones too. I've paid the price with extra weight on the scales and centimetres on the hips and thighs.

Whats important now though, is not to dwell on what cant be changed. Moving forward is what matters. So my priorities are:
1. Getting back into a routine. Regular meals, training at my designated times and building some consistency.
2. Cleaning up the diet, ditching the alcohol and clocking up some really good weeks where nutrition is right on track.
3. Staying positive!! This is no doubt the most important one as I go through the mental struggle of getting back and staying on track.

Yesterday morning I did sprints again and pushed myself hard. I reached a 9/10 on my PRE scale and I havent worked that hard for ages. I even felt quite sick at the end of it. Also trained chest and shoulders as I couldnt face a leg session after the sprints. Eating was good yesterday so things have started well.

This morning I did a 30 min jog with tired, heavy legs. But I refused to give in and plodded on til my route was done. I'll give legs a go later today. Hopefully they'll be ok.

Well at the beginning of the month I set a weight/cm goal which I think is unrealistic at this point in time. So I've kept the goal but extended the time frame til the 10th of Feb. Sometimes I question the benefits of goal setting as I find that if I dont reach my goals I become very negative and lose my focus and motivation and end up sabotaging all the good work I did do. There certainly was a bit of this happening right at xmas.

Oh and photos are on their way so wish me luck in getting some posted.



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Splice said...

Hi Magda :-)

Happy New Year!

Your doing great, keep up the good work. I will keep an eye out for your pictures once you have them up.