Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Here's why I love Wednesdays:
  1. Its the one day during the week that I get to sleep in til 6am, otherwise its a 5am start for me to get my cardio done before the family is up and about.
  2. Its back training day at the gym. I do all my other weights at home and its nice to get on the gym equipment for a change.
  3. I teach my favourite class, a med-high intensity step class with more advanced choreography. I feel like I own the world for that 45 minutes.
  4. At the end of Wednesday all my weight training is done for the week. The next lot is due on the weekend. Thursdays and Fridays are nights off.

So thats a lot to be happy about. This morning I snuck in a little meeting with the scales and was delighted that another kilo had gone and I'm now less than 1/2 kilo away from me pre-Xmas weight. Will weigh and measure officially on Friday though.

I trained legs last night. Other than it being quite hot I felt good and was determined to improve on last week's session so last night was my "13 night". I upped my reps from 12 to 13 on most of the exercises. I was happy with the result and felt like I'd really given it my best. I must confess also that in short shorts (only at home I might add!!) I could see a small improvement in my legs and this motivated me to push harder. I guess like most women legs will be my biggest challenge as I have very heavy thighs but I trust Josh to help me get them in the best shape possible. Bring it on!!

Cheers to all


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