Friday, January 12, 2007


Yes today I'm feeling really good. Not just good but really good. Why?

  1. Weighed and measured this morning and was happy with the result. I still have some of my Xmas weight to lose but I'm more than 1/2 way there :-)
  2. I did my sprints this morning and felt great afterwards. This is prgress as on Monday I felt so sick after sprints that I went back to bed ...hahaha.
  3. Fingers crossed that our internet access is restored at home. Hate being without it.
  4. Trained arms last night. Didnt make some of the weights which Josh had prescribed but gave it my best shot. I wasnt disappointed.
  5. All weight training now done for the week. Next session due Sunday. I like that feeling.
  6. We have a quiet weekend socially which makes it just a bit easier to stay on track with diet and training, which by the way are going well now.

So thats me in my happy place. Oh and lets not forget that its Friday and I dont have to stay late at work.

Have a good weekend all


1 comment:

Spartze said...

Awesome work there Magda :0)
The journey has begun ;)