Monday, January 29, 2007


For as long as I can remember I've had a 3 week limit on sticking with a healthy eating and exercise plan. Here's the pattern:
Week 1: I'm really motivated and do all the right things. See a good drop on the scales and am very :-)
Week 2: Still going well but may have a slip up or 2. Still seeing a drop on the scales but not as big.
Week 3: Now if I've made it this far (many times I havent!) I'm starting to really pine for food I shouldnt be having. The cravings get stronger and stronger and I usually give in, have a huge binge and chuck it all in for anything from a week to a month.
Result: Back at square one weighing at least what I did when I started. Then I'm agonising over where I'll find the strength and motivation to pick up and try again.

So now I'm with PE I've had one 3 week block from starting at the beginning of December up to Xmas. What a perfect excuse to pig out and have whatever I fancied. I got back on track after the 1st week in Januray and I'm right at the end of another 3 week block. Hence this desire to have pasta, garlic bread and red wine. I thought about it all day yesterday. I even thought about it whilst I was doing my sprints this morning. Those carbs are calling out to me constantly now. "If you really want to have this cheat meal then you should have it and enjoy it, after all your comp is 8 months away" vs "If you gave in every time you wanted a cheat meal you'd never be in good enough shape to compete. Get used to not being able to eat whatever you crave."

The battle continues!



wuxiaowie said...

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Alicia said...

I so know how you feel Magda. It's a struggle I go through daily and I've only got just under 13 weeks until my comp. But just think, everytime you resist, the stronger you become and the easier it will be. Trust me on this one! xo

Lia Halsall said...

That's it in a nut shell, you're not alone Magda. Hange in there hon! :o)

Di Broeren said...

Can you imagine how empowering it will feel when you break the 3 weeks?

I've never dieted 100% for any of my comps and as a result never been on stage in my best condition. But I'm determined to give it 100% this time.

Set your goals and dream big, you can beat the 3 weeks! You know you've got it in you. Believe in yourself Magda.