Tuesday, January 23, 2007


...accompanied me on the last leg of my run this morning. We have both a Woolies and a Brumbys bakery in our suburb and this morning's run route was modified to compensate for a late start. So turning off earlier than usual and copping the winds blowing from the direction of the bakeries meant I had this divine smell accompany me on the last leg home. I allowed myself to dream of a warm bun bursting with apple pieces and spicy cinnamon, covered in lashings of melting butter with me savouring every mouthful. Pure heaven on earth.

Then reality hit and I reminded myself that my thighs will stay fat, my bum will wobble, my triceps will jiggle and my belly will stay round if I do give in to this dream. So I ran on a little harder and faster imagining the centimetres disappearing as my body fat melted away and lean muscle took its place.

I had a night off training last night as I managed 2 weights sessions on the weekend. I spent the evening baking a big gooey choc fudge cake to bring to work for morning tea on Thursday. And what a win win that was. WH got to have a small taste without being able to overindulge and being chocolate I wasnt at all tempted. Perfect. You see I fall into that category of about .000001% of the population that doesnt like chocolate. Weird but true. When I do eat chocolate, its because of whats in it and not for the chocolate itself. Easy!!

Fingers crossed that broadband is working ok at home tonight and I get to post some pics which are now long overdue.



LizN said...

I'm a sucker for apples and cinnamon too :) and chocolate is not a huge trigger for me either. There are other evils ;)

Liz N

Magda said...

Hey Liz,

nice to know there are others out there. And yes its the other evils that are my undoing too.