Thursday, January 04, 2007


I've had several late nights in a row now so getting up just after 5 in the morning has been really hard. Today I felt as flat as a pancake and was dreading my 30 min jog but I was up and was determined to do cardio and not miss the session. So I changed my plan and did sprints instead. I jogged (well actually dragged myself) to the park at the end of our street. I measured out a distance of about 100 metres (or just under) and sprinted it 10 times with a short recovery between each sprint. Then I estimated a distance of about 200m and sprinted that once and then ran home (maybe about 400m). It still took 30 mins and I was buggered at the end of it but I did feel great both mentally and physically.

I had a massive training day yesterday: arms in the morning, back/abs in the afternoon followed by 2 classes (about 90 mins cardio). I did similar on Monday and Josh commented that I must be crazy :-) and I dont think he's far wrong. I'm just so glad that this week I've completed all my weights (albeit all out of sequence) and have 1 more cardio to do tomorrow morning.

I had huge (psychological) cravings for junk food yesterday afternoon. My colleague (who is also trying to lose weight) and I were pining for gourmet donuts and bantering back and forth about going out for one. In the end I talked us out of it but I knew she wasnt going to give in either. It was fun being naughty, like little kids planning a prank.

Tonight we're having quite a few people over for a BBQ and meet and greet the new fiancee (my sister-in-law's). I'm looking forward to it as I'm such a social creature. I will have a bubbly or 2 but will keep the eating under control as the thought of blowing out any more just makes me cringe. Then the day off tomorrow to do a shopping trip to the fantastic Adelaide Central Market, followed by a picnic in the coolest place we can think of (forecast is for 38 degrees :-) and then dinner out at Stellas Restaurant in Henley Square. For those who dont know Adelaide this is at the beach and its one of my absolute fave restaurants. Excellent food, perfect location with wonderful company...what more could one ask for?? It will be a great day!!

Cheers all

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