Monday, January 15, 2007


The title of my post is my biggest frustration right now. After getting feedback from Josh that my shoulders needed more work (and I thought they werent too bad considering!!) I got a revised training schedule with different splits, increased weights, lower reps, new exercises...the works. So on Saturday I went to "blitz" my shoulders. HA!! On the bent over side lat raises I had to drop the weight down to half of what was programmed just to be able to get the lift even remotely close to horizontal. I was lifting a pissy little weight which was just laughable. Yet it was so hard and I was giving it my best. The real disappointment though was that I finished the session and I wasnt at all tired or sore. So, what gives here??!! Thankfully I did tris too and they went well. Increased weights blitzed in and I was (finally) on a bit of a high. I guess it just wasnt to be a good shoulder day.

On Saturday we got a spontaneous invite out to dinner with friends and we .......TURNED IT DOWN. WH was determined to do his detox properly for 8 days and had managed to stay off most of the prohibited goodies til then so he preferred to not go. The social part of me (thats about 99%) really wanted to go but I also wanted to keep to my nutrition plan and I knew that a dinner out would spell disaster so that other 1% of me was happy to miss out. Let me rephrase that..."was ok about missing out". God I must finally be thinking like a figure competitior :-)

Today is the last official day of our detoxes and we've had the expected ups and downs. WH has lost over 3kgs and is very happy about that. He even seems determined to stay on the "healthy" track so I commend him but only time will tell how committed he is. (Past experience shows he'll only last a short time .... we are birds of a feather!!) Secretly I think I may be having an ever so slightly positive influence on him.

Still no internet access at home which I'm grrrrr about. Frustrating not being able to get on for all my training updates and info and still sneeking these in at work as best I can. Pictures still pending. I havent forgotten.

Cheers Magda


Alicia said...

Losing your social life is really hard when you first start out. I was going out 2 or 3 nights a week before I started training. Now, I'm used to going out occassionally. It just takes time to get used to putting your training and nutrition first. In fact, I went out with some mates on Friday night (didnt drink mind you) and it totally threw me out for the rest of the weekend! So it looks like I wont be going out for a while now (well except to the movies or the footy!).

Just remember that you're not alone!

Magda said...

Thanks Alicia,

I must admit that when i'm feeling a bit down or on the outer I get on and read some blogs and it helps immensely. You're right that I dont feel so alone then.