Sunday, January 28, 2007


Yes on Friday it was a happy day with the scales regsitering 67.1kgs which is good enough for me to celebrate reaching another mini goal, and ahead of time too!! Woo hoo, a new gym outfit for me as a reward.

Being that TOM on Friday I skipped my morning sprint and did a 1/2 powerwalk/jog. Still got a good workout without the stress on my lower back. Then I took BS to a friends place so that he could play with her kids while I helped her to pack for a house move. Took my own lunch even so as to not be tempted with the wrong foods. Managed to train shoulders and triceps a day ahead of time thanks to the holiday. A good session.

Saturday was a very busy day with grocery shopping, a hair appointment and then my folks coming over for a BBQ. Had a couple of things not on my nutrition plan but it was all under control so I'm ok with that. Comp is still 8 months away so I dont have to be strict like a saint, although I do try to be most of the time. Oh and lets not forget that I did my sprints on Saturday instead cause I couldnt stand missing out on them.

Today has been a very cool day and training has been my usual classes in the morning and then chest/bis in the afternoon. I'm improving on chest but bis are still struggling even though I can see them when I flex :-) Eats has been good (just a bit of left-over bbq mainly) but all day I've been dreaming of having a pasta meal with garlic bread and a nice glass of red. I'm sure the weather has a bit to do with it but I know there's more to it than that.

Well I have a mountain of ironing to tackle so will sign off there and continue my story about why I want the pasta, garlic bread and wine tomorrow.

Cheers all



Di Broeren said...

Yay! Congratulations on achieving your mini goal! That is great.

I don't envy your ironing task. When I met my hubby I told him "I don't iron, never ask me to iron". It worked, he does all his own ironing : )

Have a great day.

Magda said...

Yaeh I made the big mistake of offering to iron and now I'm stuck with it :-( But as a trade off he looks after my car by washing and vacuuming it regularly. Its cleaner than I'd ever keep it