Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Yesterday I found out that the SA INBA comp was now scheduled for the 7th October (maybe) or 14th October (likely). I was counting on it being on the 30th of September as I had been told that it was "usually on the labour day long weekend". With this in mind I mentally planned out the timing of the comp and our holiday straight after which would also perfectly fall in the school holidays. Now this is looking impossible.

So after looking around to see what other comps were on at times that suited better I found WNBF on the 29th of September (perfect). I'm nervous though as I've only ever watched INBA comps and am not at all familiar with WNBF. So calling on those who know more about BB than me (which is just about everyone) can anyone tell me what WNBF is like and what can be expected at their comps?

I also considered doing the All Females in Melbourne in July but have reservations about the extra cost and just being in such an unfamiliar place without my family/friends. Its all a bit scary and I worry about being ready on time as I feel I still have such a long way to go. I will talk to Josh some more about that even though he thinks I can do it.

I trained legs last night with increased weights for squats. I swear after holding those dumbells I will be the only competitor with their knuckles dragging on the floor :-) Lunges went well. Leg extension weights went up but I was ok with them. All up it was a great session but I was very happy when the last calf raise was completed. I've already got some DOMS in hammies and glutes which I love.

I'm teaching 3 classes tonight so that'll be one massive gym session starting with back/abs then rest and eat then a 45 min step class, 45 min hi/lo class then 1 hour hi impact class (well as hi as I will be able to manage considering I would have been going for 1 1/2 hours already). I will enjoy not doing cardio on Thursday morning :-)

Eats are good so will be very curious about progress this week. Not expecting a huge result just hoping to reach my next mini-goal.

Cheers all



Splice said...

Hi Magda!
I would imagine the INBA and the WNBF would be very similar.
I am doing the WBNF Female Fusion this April so I will be able to let you know for sure :-)

Di Broeren said...

Hi Magda
Great to see you are planning to compete. The WNBF is a new federation to Australia. This year is their first year here. The first comp will be held on the Gold Coast on 22 April (the comp Deb is competing in). So it is all a little unknown! No doubt the shows format will run very similar to an INBA show. There are still 3 rounds (symmetry, compulsory poses and routine). If you are determined to compete at this time I'd say take the plunge. No doubt you will hear lots of feedback after the Gold Coast show. It's likely that the shows will be small shows given that the federation is new, but that's not a bad thing. Your first show will be a huge learning curve so a smaller show will be less intimidating and more personal. YOu'll probably have more of a chance to mix with the other competitors.

Keep us posted on what you decide!

Magda said...

Thanks Deb and Di,

I will be very interested in the feedback after the Queensland show and if the 2 federations are similar than thats even better.

And thanks for dropping by Di. Being an ex-Queenslander, I saw you in the Girl Thing show on the GC last year and you looked so fantastic. I have been a fan ever since.