Friday, January 19, 2007


This morning's weigh and measure was another happy occassion. My weight (and some measurements) have dropped under my pre-Xmas weight and I'm within a kilo of my next mini-goal. I'm looking forward to rewarding myself with a new gym outfit as all my existing stuff is quite old and tired.

Thursday nights are rest nights with no weight training for me. What a luxury!! After dinner I did a bit of extra food prep (well the premium mince had defrosted so I may as well cook it up for future meals). I also did a bit more on my jigsaw puzzle and then bed-time rolled around very quickly. I'm going to bed earlier these days as I dont want to get too run down from the many early starts I have during the week.

This morning was sprint training again which has become my fave cardio session - bar the Wednesday step class!! The time goes so quickly and I can feel myself getting better at it as I no longer get killer DOMS or "lead legs" after. And yes I am giving it my best as I'm really pooped after and it takes me quite a while to cool down. Oh and it must be really good at firing up the old metabolism as 2 hours after my (good) breakfast I'm starving hungry again :-)

Today I'm going out to lunch with friends from work. Making a healthy choice will be my priority as I'm also going out with WH on the weekend and if I'm going to splurge, it'll be then. I so want to reach my next mini-goal by next Friday as that'll be 2 weeks ahead of my revised deadline.

Cheers all


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