Tuesday, January 16, 2007


I have always been a very slow "Cliff Young shuffler" runner. I can manintain that pace for quite some time (close to 50 mins a few years ago) and I still feel like I'm working hard but I resigned myself to "just not being built for speed".

Well I think my sprint training is paying off. Today I set out on my usual jogging (shuffling) route but instead of shuffling it in, I ran it. Now I did shorten it by about 250 - 300m (to avoid a corner where I have repeatedly been swooped by a maggie) but I also took 5 mins off my time. I felt so good about this. It put me on another high. Even WH was impressed as he knows how hard it is for me to quicken my pace.

Last night I trained chest and bis. My strength is improving but not at the rate that Josh thinks/expects. There are still weights I cannot lift and have to drop lower to make the lifts. But at the end of the day I figure as long as I've given it my best then more cant be expected. I'm not sure that I'm totally 100% focussed on my weights sessions but I am training consistently and with higher intensity than before so that is a big achievement for me.

My midsection looks much flatter, my cellulite is diminishing (albeit slowly, but noticeably), I'm getting faster and stronger and I'm feeling good about myself again. What more could a girl want?


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Splice said...

You sound pleased :-), that means you are getting results and thats all that matters right now.
Your strength will increase in time, as long as you are giving your all, what more could you want? :-)
Keep training hard.