Friday, December 22, 2006


Despite a big effort with eating clean last weekend and keeping up my cardio and weights, my loss this week was miniscule at .1 kg and 3cms. So I didnt make my goal of 67kgs (would have been happy with 67.5 or 67.6) The Tanitas did say my body fat had dropped from 31.?% to 28.8% but I know they are not very accurate so I dont put a lot of trust in that reading. Am I disappointed? I'd be lying if I said I wasnt. A .5 kg loss at the minimum would have been excellent. Oh well such is life, or should I say, such is dieting.

This will be my last blog til the new year I think. We have a busy Saturday with my folks before flying to Brissie on Sunday for a week. I'm relaxing my diet over this period but will try to keep the dirty food in moderation. I plan to train tomorrow and Sunday before we leave but that will depend on how well organised I am today etc.

To all that have followed my blog this year, left comments of support and encouragement and helped me get on this positive track I say a big thank you. Knowing you are out there showing interest and providing help when I need it means a lot to me. Wishing all a happy holiday period and fantastic 2007.

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Lia Halsall said...

Don't get to concerned with all the figures, they really can do your head in Magda. Good days, bad days, they'll all a part of this figure journey and trust me when I say that it does get that little bit easier each year.

Have a great break and I look forward to seeing you up on stage in the new year.

Lia :o)