Monday, December 11, 2006


... can it be 40 degrees + one day and the next it drops down to the low 20s. This morning it was darned cold and windy out (what a contrast to Saturday) so I rode the exercise bike for cardio. Sadly I never work as hard so I extended the workout to 43 minutes and worked up a sweat but I could tell my heartrate still wasnt very high. Probably a welcome break after a big cardio week.

Its leg night tonight and there have been a few (welcome) changes to my program. I'm still dreading doing the extensions and curls as my bench isnt very comfy and ends up hurting my legs a bit. I think I'll eventaully look into doing legs in a gym too but will try to defer this as long as possible. Really looking forward to chest and shoulders tomorrow!

Eats are going good. There are a lot of little temptations coming my way over the next week but I'm devising my plan to stay on track and will pick one event at which to have a small splurge (with Josh's ok of course). Today I put up my "Countdown to Comp" chart. Its right in front of my desk on my divider partition. 42 weeks and counting.

Well not much else to report so will sign off til next time.



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