Friday, December 01, 2006


Tomorrow I start my journey to the figure bodybuilding stage. ETA is late September 07 (the 30th I think). My itinerary looks like this now but it will certainly change along the way:

What: Competition prep for body building competition (figure division): introductory phase

When: Start 2 December 06. Competition likely to be 30th September 07.

How: With the expert guidance and support from Josh and the PE team. I will trust Josh to provide me with the programs I will need to achieve my goals. I'm relying on the PE team (and the wonderful ladies I've met in blogland) to help me through the ups and downs I know I will encounter. But most importantly, I'm training my mind to reprogram for success.

Who: Me of-course. At the end of the day, I'm the only person who can make this happen. I'm the one who has to train regularly, eat clean and put in the hard yards.

Why: The most important factor!! I've battled yoyo dieting all my life (and I've been around for 40+ years so I should know better) and I confess that I eat for all the wrong reasons so keeping my weight in check has been one long battle. I've listed my motivators for taking on this challenge. These are in no particular order:

1. When I teach my classes at the gym, I want to feel slim and toned and not fat, podgy and embarassed about my shape.
2. This February I want to wear my "Brissie dress" (bright fluro orange jersey that clings and shows every sin) and look good in it. I don't want to shop for a suitable "tent".
3. I want to wear my skinny black pants and the 2nd smaller pair of jeans I have. I'm sick of just looking at them in my wardrobe and only wearing the few larger sized clothes I have.
4. I want to enjoy shopping for extra (office) clothes. I don't want to be dreading having to buy larger sizes.
5. I just want to feel good about my body knowing I'm doing my best to improve it instead of treating it badly and then feeling like crap.
6. I want to eat well so that I have energy and not have the bloats from too much food or alcohol.
7. I want to exercise regularly to make it a habit once again. I don't want to turn into a couch potato.
8. I want to get back on the right track to prove to myself (and those close to me) that I can do it. I want to be winner, not a loser.
9. I dont want to procrastinate any longer. I'm ready to take action.
10. I want to start on the road to competing in a bodybuilding competition next year. I'm focussed on this goal even though I'm so far away from it now.

So how am I feeling at this time?
1. A bit bloated and boozy. I've been eating and drinking what I fancy, knowing that when I start I will give it my 100% effort.
2. A little tired (late night, early morning, a day spent Xmas shopping...its gotta be done)
3. Excited
4. Nervous (a little)
5. Determined and motivated.

Let the ride begin!!


PS I saw Kylie in concert last night. What an absolutely brilliant show that was. What a remarkable person she is and an outstanding entertainer. I had tears in my eyes when she first appeared on stage and stood their quietly for some moments, taking in the enormity of the whole event. I'm a tragically emotional cancerian for which I make no aplogies!!

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LizN said...

Onwards and will find Why your most important paragraph.

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