Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Yesterday I spent the day in a constant state of hunger. Had my usual (very filling) breakfast and tummy was rumbling at 9am. Despite having my morning snack, it was rumbling again well before 12 and that was the pattern for the entire day. My colleague and I were dreaming and comparing notes about all the foods we felt like eating (she was suffering major hunger pangs too and is also trying to lose weight). None of them clean or even remotely healthy. It was quite comical really because I knew I wouldnt give in.

I also spent the day feeling nervous about my chest/shoulder session that night. You see on 1 of the chest exercises I had to increase my weight (considerably) to a level I have never managed before. I spent the day doubting myself and whether I would manage the lift or at worst, hurt myself. When it came time for the session, I mustered all the positive affirmations I could think of and then gave it my best shot. My weight was a little under what Josh had programmed (I train at home so have to load plates onto bars of different weights), but still higher than what I knew I could lift. I'm pleased to say I made the minimum of 8 reps for 2 sets so I was very pleased with that. Lesson learned: the mind is the most powerful training tool. This is a new way of thinking for me but I'm going to have to do a lot more of it over the next 40 or so weeks if I want to be good enough to get up on that "figure" stage and not embarass myself.

Today I have mild DOMS in my quads which confirms how much harder legs were this week from last. Its a good feeling. Funnily I dont feel abnormally hungry today. It must have been the drain of legs Monday night and the run on Tuesday morning kicking my metabolism into top gear (one can only hope). This afternoon I have back and ab training and then my 2 fave classes so its a big session which really takes it out of me but then all weights are done for the week and no more classes til next year. Yay!

I hope to keep blogging until the weekend when the Xmas festivities kick in and I get to enjoy some of the foods I've been dreaming about...oh and lets not forget about the bubbly and wine too :-))

Cheers to all



Jodi said...

Hi Madga, just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, I hope that the new year brings all wonderful things for you and your family, I know you will be achieving amazing things through your fitness goals/dreams!!!

Keep up the amazing job you are doing, Merry Christmas and I am sure Josh will allow a glass of wine or two (maybe!!!)

Take care!

Magda said...

Thanks Jodi,

with comp being late Sep next year I will be enjoying some "dirty" food and drink over Xmas. I'm really hanging out for it actually.

Merry Christmas wishes to you too.