Thursday, December 21, 2006


Last night I had that wonderful "in the zone" feeling when teaching my step class. I started off quite tired and flat as 45 mins earlier I had finished a hard back session. My arms felt like lead and I was counting the minutes. Then as my routine came together and a couple of really great songs came on, I had a surge of energy like a mighty second wind and I really powered through to the end. It was a great feeling.

This morning on my run I was feeling a bit better than usual so on the home stretch down my street I picked up my pace and ran the last bit harder than usual. I trimmed a minute off my time (doesnt sound like much I know) and was really puffing as I came into my front yard. All this in almost 30 degree heat before 6am too!!

I'm having another "hungry day" and I'm starting to see a pattern. It seems that if I've done a particularly hard session the night before (one focussing on large muscle groups!!) and run in the morning, then I'm getting really hungry the next day. This is good as it suggests I'm probably training hard enough.

Work is well and truly winding down now. I've been able to get out and buy myself a Xmas present and finish off a range of odds and ends. Chrissie shopping is done and there's just Central Market tomorrow for fresh turkey, cold meats and seafood. Oh and DESERT. I'm salivating at the thought of having a sweet on Saturday night. Its been so long!!

Cheers to all. I'm hoping to get in one more blog tomorrow before I sign off til the new year.



Lia Halsall said...

Central Markets is simply the best, I miss that place sooooo much. Our first visit there was xmas in 2003. We spent a fortune on food but ate like kings and queens. ;o) xo

Magda said...

Yes its a treasure we enjoy often. And it gets better every year with new more innovative stalls opening. Lots of gourmet food, colourful characters and atmosphere. We are spoilt for it.