Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This arvo at work I was just about falling asleep. It doesnt help that I'm not overly busy at the moment and I'm up at 5 am on 4 mornings so the afternoons are a very flat time for me. I'm eating well and having all my protein so its not a blood sugar thing. I suspect its half psychological too as there's nothing worse than trying to look busy when you're quite obviously not........ Just remind me of this post when things get rolling and I'm flat out like a lizard drinking :-)

Feeling this way made me realise why I've always chucked in the early morning cardio after a week or so and therefore never actually made the progress I was hoping for. So this time I'm working through it. Tomorrow is not a 5am start which I will relish. Then I have to do it for 2 more days before its the weekend. This is manageable. One step/day at a time.

Weight training at home is better this week. Great leg session last night. I luuuuurve when the glutes hurt afterwards. I think "tight tush" and thats enough to make me :-) Chest/shoulders tonight was another tough session and my arms are all weird as I sit here typing. Eats are on track. All's good.

Cheers til next time

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