Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I had the day off today to catch up on some pre-Christmas necessities. I did my weights session after breakfast. My program was to increase my back weights by 5lbs but the lat machine and seated cable row weight stacks only went up in 10lb lots and the plates are so small you cant even throw an extra plate or DB on. So I increased my weights by 10lbs. Holy moly. I made it but felt totally shagged afterwards.

Then it was off to get nails done (yes I'm an acrylic nail princess) and why not throw in a pedicure too. Footsies have to look nice too. A little shopping for some odds and ends Xmas pressies and a little something for me as I had yet to treat myself for reaching mini goal #1. I bought a pair of dress shorts for work. Now dont think I'm getting carried away with myself because they do reach my knees but they look quite smart and they were a size 10 so I'm grinning from ear to ear. (I dont care how big the sizing is in the store I bought them from!!)

Then home to get carpets cleaned, lunch and pressie wrapping and card writing. It was a busy and productive day. The one downer towards the end of the day was having to do 3 classes again. Not happy about it but couldnt let the gym down. As compensation I'm not running early tomorrow morning as I've done that cardio session tonight and will benefit more from a decent rest.

Over the next few days I face several challenges where I'll be faced with the likelihood of eating off plan or getting stuck into the alcohol so I will be trying to focus my energies into handling each situation with lots of restraint and determination to do the right thing. God give me strength to get through this tough time without slipping back into bad old habits.


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