Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Today I snuck out of work early and hit the gym before it got busy, to do my back training. Although I'm doing most of my weight training at home, Josh has asked me to do my back training in the gym so I can take advantage of more varied equipment. I'm cool with this. Today worked well.

So I did back and abs for a total of about 30 mins and then had a 45 min break (and snack time) before teaching a 45 min step class and a 45 min hi/lo aerobic class. Mega tired after but thats good. Today I have sore pecs, sore biceps and sore quads :-) Tomorrow I'll have sore hammies and sore abs too :-))

Eats are going well and I feel like I'm getting smaller (albeit slightly!!)

Cruising along happily.


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Spartze said...

Hey u :) don't ya just love the feeling of being sore xo