Sunday, December 10, 2006


What a busy weekend its been here since Saturday morning. Go, go go and scorching hot to boot. Note! thats a comment and not a complaint as I'm a summer girl at heart and it has to be very very hot for a long time before you hear complaints coming from this camp. Mind you running in temps in the HIGH 30s on Saturday morning was a bit tough but I kept thinking that its only for half an hour and then its over. It was very hard nevertheless.

Training is up to date and eats have been good, even with dinner out in a pub last night. I orfdered the "safest"choice (poached cocnut chicken salad with asian coleslaw) and got such a tiny serve I was hanging out for for my pre-bedtime snack BIG TIME!!

Today we took BS to the beach for a little while and decided to walk rather than camp and play. Well doesnt soft sand just kill your legs (especially after 2 classes that morning + 9 cardio sessions over the last week). I can feel my calves getting sore again even from the short time we were on the soft stuff instead of the hard and wet.

Looking forward to a week of slightly different weight training and more cardio. Phew I'll be buggered by the time Xmas rolls around.

Cheers to all


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