Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well my determination to eat clean, stay off the alcohol and maintain my training this weekend has succeeded. I have survived my office Xmas lunch, Xmas drinks at a friends place Friday night and more friends over for a BBQ last night, without any alcohol. For me, this is a HUUUUUUGE achievement. I am surprising even myself.

I'm also sensing that WH is starting to appreciate that I'm taking this seriously. He even told our friends last night what I was planning to do. Sounds like he's slowly coming on board. This makes me happy. Mind you I'm starting to get nervous about Xmas itself as I have given myself permission to relax a bit and enjoy it. I'm just a bit nervous about how well I'll get back on track. Especially as we'll be away until the 30th of Dec and when we get back we'll have my sister-in-law and her partner here. More temptation to eat and drink off plan. I just hope I can muster this same amout of determination then too.

I'm expecting a busy week leading up to Xmas, but I'm determined to make my training a priority and as for the eats, well they're under control til I have a splurge on Saturday night. Oh and I mustnt forget to send Josh photos before the "Xmas bloat" :-)

Cheers all Magda

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