Tuesday, December 05, 2006


to a Diet Coke :-) Did you think I was going to chuck it all in already??!!

Its been a busy time hence the lack of posts. I started my program on Saturday after a very decadent "last supper" on Friday night. Going for my first run for about 1 1/2 weeks on Saturday morning I felt like a baby elephant trying to be a cheetah. I thought I would register on the richter scale ... whoa whats that earth tremor??!! :-) Eating was good and did my arm training. The next day they were sore...happy, happy.

Sunday: good too. Just classes no weights but right on track with the eating. Going well.

Monday: up at 5am :-( out for another 30 min jog. Felt great after :-) Eating was good except I got stuck out at a site meeting in the arvo, no food and meeting ran over time. Missed my arvo snack and therefore didnt eat from 12.15 to 6.30 :-(( Need to be better prepared with snack options for these times which are part of my job. Trained legs last night. Not the best session, trying to get everything right with equipment at home.

How am I feeling? Mixed feelings!!
1. I have a really annoying headache that has been with me since Saturday afternoon. I worked out yesterday that its a lack of caffeine as I havent had a coffee or a Diet Coke. You see I'm a bit of a coffee snob. No instant for me BUT I only like weak cappucinos preferably with skim soy. GJs are my favourite and I havent indulged since I started my program. Hence the title today that I'm going to have a Diet Coke to get rid of this headache.
2. I started on Saturday with an extra 2kgs as a result of a week of eating whatever I wanted and drinking alcohol when I felt like it. Well that 2kgs is already gone and I'm feeling pretty good. Its amazing what a difference a good clean diet and regular training can make even over a few days.
3. I like my nutrition program and I will master my weights program. Cardio is great!!

So I'm signing off so I can get back to work...after I've had that Diet Coke :-))

Cheers to all


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