Thursday, December 07, 2006


My first goal was to get back under 70kgs and I'm pleased to say that this morning I stepped on the scale and 69.6 flashed back at me. This is a 3kg loss from my 72.6kgg start but I know its not all fat. About 2 kgs is just bloat from living the good life. I'm really pleased though as some of my measurements have gone down quite a bit and I'm wearing pants today that I could not have squeezed into a week ago.

Oooooh I do love being sore too. Today the abs are just starting to remind me that they still exist. The hammies are just starting to hurt too. You know you've trained well when you get such "rewards". On that note, I've knocked off all my weight training for the week so tonight I'll be cruising around wondering what to do.....I wish!!!!

I think a little reward is in order so will choose a suitable (non-food) indulgence and treat myself. Now the trick is to keep focussed coming into the weekend and all through it til Monday. After a good week like this I've previously "relaxed" considerably and found that at least 1/2 of my loss came straight back. Aaaaargh I dont want that to happen again!

Next mini goal is 67kgs. Bring it on!

Cheers all



Alicia said...

Great to hear you've already achieved a mini goal! It's much easier to deal with a huge loss when you break it into smaller chunks - and I should know coz I had 15kg to lose! And I think too that you do work harder when your goal deadline is coming up :D Keep up the great work


Magda said...

Hi Alicia,

Not knowing what weight I'll be competing at means I dont have a definitive goal but 1 thing is for sure and that's my total loss goal will be around 15 - 17 kgs. Thats why the mini goals are so important.
My work colleague suggested I put up a chart with the number of weeks to comp and count them down. I might do that too to remind me why I'm passing up the morning teas and drinks out etc.

Cheers and take care