Friday, December 08, 2006


I have completed week 1 of my program and I'm writing this on Friday night with NO ALCOHOL IN MY SYSTEM. WH is amazed!! Here's how my week went:

Total kg loss = 3
Total cm loss = 12 measured over 6 sites. Some were big losses, some were tiny. A lot of this loss is just bloat but its good to have it gone.
Cardio sessions = 9 (5 early morn runs + 4 classes)
Weight sessions = 4 (as per my program)
Eats = about 95% on track. I missed a snack due to work commitments and not being prepared with other food options.

I have felt good this week knowing that I'm feeding my body well and asking it to give back through the cardio and weight training. Its cooperating at this stage. Mentally I have been focussed and determined. I have resisted the tasting plate at a fantastic looking donut shop in the city, taken my own morning tea to avoid eating all the junk we normally get put on every Friday and I havent had any alcohol. Small steps along a lengthy journey.

As we get closer to Xmas the challenges will increase but I think I'm prepared for them. I've set a standard that I want to follow until Xmas, then relax a little to enjoy the festivities and then hop right back on track again.

Week 2 starts with a very busy and hot day (forecast is for 41 degrees here folks!!). Just a few weight training issues to iron out at home and all should be good. Tomorrow night we are off to see Bond, James Bond and have dinner out after. I will enjoy a warm chook salad with low cal dressing and a couple of wines :-))

Enjoy the weekend all



Splice said...

Well done Magda on getting through your first week. I can't believe the results already!
Stay in control over Christmas and I will do the same in Malaysia (fingers crosses).
Great job this week hun, keep it going.

Lia Halsall said...

Congrats Magda, you're well on your way now. Just take things one day at a time, that's what I do. :o)

Spartze said...

Yeah!!!! Go Magda :0)

Magda said...

Thanks guys. Yes it was a good week. If only they were all going to be so!