Monday, December 18, 2006


I'm getting more and more excited and nervous as Xmas draws closer. Excited because its one of my fave times of year but nervous as I'm on such a positive role with my training and nutrition that I'm scared I'm going to lose it all and then struggle to get back on track. Chill out Magda and try to go with the flow!!!

My leg session tonight was notably harder than last week. They feel quite tired now so I hope I feel ok on tomorrow's run. Nothing worse than trying to run with "lead legs" when they feel really heavy and hard to move. Believe me I know what that feels like!!

I'm looking forward to having a break from work even though I've only been back there since late October. It'll be nice to go back to Brissie and feel like an ex local and not just a visitor that doesnt know the place at all. Plus seeing family is always a bonus.

Well I better say goodnight as I have things to organise before I hit the sack for some well-earned sleep. Bring on the weekend!!

Cheers all



Lia Halsall said...

Try not to worry, it's only natural to feel that way during the festive season. The trick is to give yourself that flexibility with nutrition on the days that you require the most, say like xmas day and new years eve. Then once you've indulged get back on track, is it that simple. You'll be surprised how much self-discipline you have, just believe in yourself. :o) xo

Splice said...

Hey Magda!
Im looking forward to Christmas too, and like you I have the same worries about over-indulging.
But I will be taking Lia's advice for sure, it will work out perfectly.
Have a wonderful Christmas and new year and I look forward to following your progress for 2007.

Magda said...

Thanks guys,

my track record previously causes me to constantly doubt myself but I'm working hard at a new way of thinking. Its almost a daily reminder that "I'm a figure competitor" which has kept me focussed and on track. If I come back to that, all should be good.