Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It was loaded on the website today and I was a naughty girl because I logged on at work and quickly checked it out. I couldnt help myself.

I'm impressed with how thorough it is and there are some things in it which I NEVER would have thought to do before. But I trust the Master (Josh) and I'll follow it precisely after all my questions have been answered so I'm a bit more clued up on some issues.

I'm planning to start on Saturday as that gives me time to prepare physically (get all the right foods in), mentally (mind on the matter) and emotionally (take stock of the journey ahead and how to travel it). I'm looking forward to it, especially being able to share my ups and downs with all in blogland.

I have my dreadful before photos :-( now its time to transform!!


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Spartze said...

How exciting Magda, an't wait to follow your journey:)