Saturday, November 18, 2006


Firstly a big thank you to all the lovely ladies who drop by to read my blog and leave comments of encouragement and support.

Alicia: I so hear you on the social life issue!! We lived in Brisbane for 2 years in what was like a social desert for us as we made hardly any new friends. Even then, WH and I made our own fun and always had Friday night drinks, Saturday night drinks and Sunday...yeah you guessed it. Now we're back in Adelaide the social life has picked up and is an even bigger challenge. Yes, I'm trying to prepare myself for the time when in order to succeed, I've got to really cut back. Thats when I'll be reminding myself daily about why I'm doing this. I sooooooo want to get upon that stage!

Jodi: thank you for sharing your insight about acknowledging struggles. As I'm not really in the "figure world" yet, its too easy for me to assume that all the girls who have already competed did so with little or no mental struggle. I've always assumed that they were great looking girls who just had to work a bit harder to achieve a competition standard. Now that I'm learning that this wasnt the case for many of them, I feel there's some hope for me too.

Sparty: wise words those about building the better body one day at a time. I have a checklist too but have shoved it aside again :-( Perhaps its time to resurrect it and strive to tick all the boxes on a daily basis...and not just from Monday to Thursday.

Yesterday I overslept and missed my mornning run so I did it today and all training for the week is done. However my back was quite sore as I took off but it eased up and I ran for the whole 30 minutes. I did extra stretching wfater my run and I think I've strained my right hip flexor/groin. After a period of sitting I cant put weight on my right leg and I limp like mad until it eases up and then I just have a slight limp. Its very sore too.

I have a friend visiting from Tassie and there is a massive GNO (girls'night out) planned with dinner first and then a night of dancing til dawn but I think I'll just go to the Thai dinner and then hobble home. Sad really but I just dont feel up to boogying when I'm this sore AND I have work tomorrow morning (1 step class and 1 60 minute combo class).

Eating has been good though. I did have a couple of reds last night but kept the food reasonably healthy and have been right on track today. I know I wont overeat tonight and I wont be drinking much as I'll be driving.

Yesterday I got my friend from the gym to do some "before"photos to (hopefully) send to Josh.
Luckily I've got a strong stomach, hope Josh has too :-) Anyway I'm tackling that one tomorrow night so stay tuned for the outcome.

Cheers all


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