Friday, November 10, 2006


I slept badly this morning, waking after 3 and then again at 4 and not getting back to sleep. So I was up at 5 and started my run in the semi-darkness. I felt really good today, right in that "happy zone". I kept my pace fairly constant (a little quicker than my usual Cliff-Young-shuffle) and ran for 25 minutes (5 more than Wednesday). I could have kept on going but dont want to overdo it too early. Goal for next week is 3 x 30 minute early morning runs. Legs and bum are a bit sore which just makes me :-)

I have a love/hate relationship with Fridays. It is one of the most difficult days to stay focussed on healthy eating. My mind sends all these messages like "you've been good all week, so indulge yourself today" or "you deserve a few drinks and nibbles today, they wont hurt" or "what the hell, enjoy yourself, you only live once" etc etc. I'm sure you all get my drift. I have meditated to help me to stay focussed and so far I have:
1. Had a healthy breakfast.
2. Resisted the junk at the shared morning tea at work.
3. Had a healthy lunch.
4. Resisted the many wonderful temptations at the Adelaide Central Market (read that: Foodie's Paradise Extreme!!). In fact my visit was very brief as I wasnt sure how long I'd last before I had "just one as it wouldnt hurt".

I still have to get through Friday night at home with WH (wonderful husband) but mentally I've set a limit and I'll be happy if I stick within it. I wont even start on the weekend and what's in store there. God give me strength!!

Cheers to all


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