Thursday, November 09, 2006


I was so annoyed with myself as I really overslept which is very unusual for me. I'm normally a light sleeper and I wake up easily so I must have been really tired. It meant I didnt have time for breakfast at home and just grabbed a meal from the freezer for lunch (at least its healthy - brown rice, tofu and veges). So faced with choices for breakfast (all bad of course) I decided to eat some almonds, a pear and a large skim cappuccino. Gold star for me for resisting the muffins, croissants etc that the local shops offer!!

Teaching was really hard last night. I took the wrong shoes (runners instead of X trainers with my orthotics in them). My feet started hurting really early and by 1/2 way through the first class the balls of my feet were burning badly. To make things even harder, the last class had only 3 people. My energy levels were a bit lower too so I was getting flatter and flatter as time went by. I kept resolving that from now on I would only teach my two (early) classes, I would do them really well and I would NOT take on extra classes in the one night. If I cant give my best for the class then I dont want to be forced into doing a poor job.

I weighed this morning and was pleasantly surprised that my weight hadnt crept as high as I thought it had. My body fat % was up though (as expected!!) but I'm revising my goal to be under 67kgs by Xmas and not 68. Whats 1 kg you might think!! But its only a short time so I think this is reasonable and achievable. It will still require a good effort but I know that when I'm around 67 I actually look and feel ok. Thats my goal for the short term!

So today I have an early lunch and head out of the office for a site visit this afternoon which will get me moving around a bit (I hate being desk bound!). Tonight I'm off to an invitation only discount night at a friend's jewellery shop. I'm looking forward to catching up with a few friends there but will go easy on the champagne and even easier on the nibbles!! 67 HERE I COME!!

Cheers all



Spartze said...

Hey :)
I know that feeling......I've been meaning to get up early every day this week to go for a walk but so far no good......guess it doesn't help that I am not getting to bed till midnight.
Awes to have a mini goal :0)

Magda said...

Youch..midnight..any wonder!! I'd be a wreck with that little sleep. Did better today though...if you consider that I woke up at 4 and couldnt get back to sleep. I started running in the dark as I was too bored just lying in bed. MADNESS!!