Monday, November 06, 2006


My head is clearly not in "positive achieving" mode right now. Challenges faced today were not conquered. I have a bit of a different plan for tomorrow but will write about it after I've initiated it.

Funnily I know that I can get through these hard times its just that when you're stuck in the middle of them, they feel overwhelming. Thanks to all the lovely ladies who've left comments of support. These have lifted me up at this difficult time.

Just wait til I'm up and firing on all cylinders and charging towards my goals...I'll be invincible!! Bring it on.



Splice said...

Hi Magda!
Somedays you just won't be able to meet those daily challenges. I actully wouldn't call them challenges as they just become your lifestyle.
It takes a little time to adopt a better way of eating and exercising, but once you do it for a while it is all you want.
You are positive because you have a new plan for tomorrow, so you are on the right track.
Your doing really well :-).

Magda said...

Hi Deb,

I think you've made a really good point here. I feel like I've had a "light bulb moment'. I've been living with this idea that my life is full of challenges when you're right, those "challenges" are just my lifestyle and probably the lifestyle of many others. After giving this some thought I realised challenges are much bigger, like going into business for yourself, completing a building project on time and within budget, or achieving everything necessary before you step on stage for a competition. Its not the little stuff which I've been so bogged down in.

So, I'm consciously viewing things in a different way from now on. Situations will arise and choices will have to be made. I can take the easy way and do what I've always done and get what I always got or I can take the tougher option but know that it'll move me closer to my goals. And deep down I know that the tougher decisions will get easier with just have to stick it out in the beginning.

Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.