Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Well the weights session didnt happen last night as we got home from work quite late, had dinner, put BS (beautiful son) to bed and then I spent the rest of the evening doing domestic chores and filling out the pre-program questionaire from Josh (which took ages by the way!!).

However cardio is still on track as I was up at 5.10 and out by 5.22 doing my walk with my 10kg backpack. 36 mins today as I accidentally took a bit of a short cut as I was right into the groove of the walk and my music and turned off earlier than usual. It was a hot morning with a strong northerly blowing. So Adelaide. Oh and lets not forget the pesky flies that just stick to you like glue. The arms got a workout just shooing the buggers.

I went out for chinese lunch today with friend from Tassie and girls from work. Here's my effort at choosing wisely and "being good": 1 glass of wine, beef and veges in oyster sauce. No entree, no fried rice, no desert etc. Some of you may look at that lunch and think bad bad but this is me we're talking about and it was pretty good.

After lunch I had a massive craving for an apricot and almond biscuit from the shop across the road (I had to go there to get change for a number of things happening at BS's school) BUT I bought a Diet Coke and nothing else. Small battles won all add up to win the war.

Will be leaving work soon as I have that chiro appointment and then a night spent ironing and watching Dancing With the Stars...tragic I know but I just love that show.

Cheers all


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