Thursday, November 16, 2006


Yes I'm getting in early as I expect I'll have little/no time tonight.

I had the morning off today which was nice. My last weights circuit for the week is tonight. At least my back wont be as sore as it is first thing in the morning. I have a cardio session to do tomorrow morning and then all training for the week (bar Sunday's classes) is done and dusted :-)

Eating has been good. I'll weigh and measure tomorrow as its an addiction for me. I know it shouldnt be but it just is!

I have the day off tomorrow which I'm really looking forward to. I have a friend lined up to do some "before photos" to send to Josh. I'm excited and nervous as things arent how I want them just yet. This is a really difficult issue for me and it continues to worry me.

Anyway on a happier and more positive note, I'm feeling good about my efforts this week. I just need to stay positive and focussed over the next 3 days to maintain this momentum.

Well I better finish there as its nearly home time. So cheers to all.


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Spartze said...

Hey u - just stopping by for a check in and checkup on ya. Keep at it :) xo