Monday, November 20, 2006


Wow what an exciting time. Here's a little snapshot of the last few days for all the stuff I missed writing about.

On Friday my dear and trusted friend at the gym took my before photos on my ancient point and click camera. I got them developed that day and hid them in my bag until I knew what was happening. They are awful but you've got to start somewhere.

I had a wonderful time out on Saturday night catching up with another dear friend who lives in Tassie now. We had a nice Thai dinner and then the rest of the group went out dancing which I gave a miss due to my sore leg/groin. On Sunday morning I taught my classes but found the high impact work too painful towards the end of the almost 2 hours. I decided that some rest was in order and although I got a lot of domestic stuff done at home, I still took it pretty easy.

This morning I walked for 40 mins with the 10kg backpack which is good for getting the heart rate up higher than just a regular power walk. Eating has been quite good and I kept the alcohol consumption quite low ever the weekend.

I'm planning to do the backpack walks this week and some basic weights to tide me over until I get my program from Josh. I'm really looking forward to that as I feel like I'm flailing a bit at the moment. Especially with the eating (trying to eat healthy and clean but not be too strict) and weight training for which I dont have a set system.

I also have a chiro appointment tomorrow as I feel my back is well overdue for a bit of maintenance. Hopefully that'll help my leg/groin probelm too. I need to have everything in good working order and I'm sick of being in pain and hobbling around.

Well thats my little update of all the stuff of the last few days. I have a weights session tonight, a small but tasty dinner of chook and veges and then walk tomorrow morning. Manageable until lunch time when we go out for Chinese with Tassie friend and girls from work. That'll be a test.

Cheers to all



LizN said...

Hi Magda,

That is great that you have decided to do a Figure Comp. You will be glad you kept those before shots. Check out my blog to see why.

As for the hip/groin pain - you may want to get your SIJ checked out. Your chiro, if he is worth his flesh should know what I mean.

Liz ;)

Josh Dickinson said...

well well, look who just found your blog! you can't hide from now - bwahahahahah

Magda said...

Liz, I did check out your blog and I was most impressed. What an amazing transformation. You must be so pleased and proud of what you've achieved.
Yes my SIJ has been problematic for a long time. Too much tightness in some places pulls the rest of the area out of whack and presto: lower back pain. The story of my life. But the older I get the better I get at managing it so most of the time I'm ok and have learnt to live with a certain level of pain.


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