Tuesday, November 07, 2006


To further aid me in my quest to move towards that better body, the body I have now told me in no uncertain terms today that "enough was enough". I had a constant stomach ache for most of the day today. I was also extremely bloated and therefore very uncomfortable. I know its my body telling me "dont treat me that badly again".

So I'll listen to my body and treat it with respect and kindness (good food, regular training) from now on. I will remind myself regularly that Ideserve it, I'm worth it!!

I've got the exercise gear ready to go early tomorrow morn. I'm planning a short run as I have little time between it being light enough to go out and having to be back in time to get ready for work. Something is better than nothing.

I checked the calendar to find there are 6 1/2 weeks to Xmas. Not enough time to fit into my "brissie dress" (more about that when I finally do get to wear it again) but enough to make a difference. My goal is to get under 68kgs by Xmas so I better get cracking as I'm guessing that I'm in the low 70s now (I'm 5 foot 7 or 171cms). Will have to eat well and train hard to get there but thats where I'm heading.

Off to meditate again so g'night to all.


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