Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Yes last night I was the victim of disorganisation. In a nutshell, chiro appointment late very late, no time to pop into shops to get something that could be prepared quickly for dinner, I still have an errand to run and its well after 6. WH rings to check whats for dinner so I offer to pick up a bbq chook and some salad. He asks if I want to go out. Of course I do as that means so much less work and stress for me.

We hit our local little cafe (with a limited menu) and all resolve to stay on track goes out the window. Hoo wee did I eat off plan or what!! As I'm stuffing in another mouthful of forbidden food WH says "so, how are you going to handle these situations when you're on your new training program?" Hmmm BY BEING FAR BETTER ORGANISED IN THE FIRST PLACE SO I DONT EVEN GET IN THESE SITUATIONS. It was a delicious meal though and I enjoyed every mouthful :-)

No cardio this morning as I was quite tired too but I have my usual 2 classes tonight so that'll be a good workout. And although I've been pining for more crap food today, I've been strong and resisted it all. So all is not lost.


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