Sunday, November 05, 2006


But a start nevertheless. Was going well until late arvo when WH (wonderful husband.....NOT!!) stopped to have a beer and I caved and had a glass of bubbles, a few chips and some unsalted peanuts. I will be stronger tomorrow and do a few days of detox properly, headache and all!

Training today was my classes as expected. Worked reasonably hard but always wane a bit through the circuit portion, I just hate it. Nevertheless I had a good sweat and got the heart rate up.

Feelings and emotions are all over the place today. Have had a few very low times when I felt quite teary and "woe is me" (and I said I wouldnt!!). I'm just finding it hard to accept that I have YET AGAIN regained the weight I worked so hard to lose in the last few weeks. I know its only 2-3kgs but it yoyos off and on like clockwork. Grrrrr

I have so many issues and thoughts that I'd like to write about but its very late and I better get off to sleep so I'm not dead tired and therefore cold and therefore starving hungry all day tomorrow. Been there, done that. It made for a bad day.

G'night all


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Jodi said...

Hi there Magda, I found your blog link on the PE forum of which I am a member, I just wanted to say signing up to PE and starting a blog is a great start for your fitness future, there are soooo many wonderful people who will help to inspire you and lift you up when you are down. All the girls in blog land are wonderful and Josh is an exceptional trainer with ample knowledge who will be able to answer all your fitness questions.

Just stopped in to offer my support - look at Lia/Deb/Alicia/RPM (Liz's) blog for inspiration - these girls have knowledge and are so willing to help you at every turn.

Best of luck with your goals. Will keep up with your blog!