Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Alarm went off at 5am. Rule # 1: Do not stop and think about whether you want to get up. JUST DO IT. It was cold, the wind was howling and it was trying to rain. But luck was on my side as I had another weights circuit scheduled.

Problem # 1: Early morning weights are not good for my chronic back injury. I just cant move through the full range on some exercises without pain and therefore worry. So I ditched the barbell deadrows and lightened right up to some dumbells which didnt work me nearly as hard. Verdict # 1: Better than doing nothing.

Problem # 2: Boss from gym called wanting me to fill in classes other than my own (again). This means I miss doing my favourite class and have to finish really late. Verdict # 2: NOT HAPPY. Ready to spit the dummy actually. So I gave myself 2 hours to calm down and return message left on my voice mail. I stated my case and my feelings firmly but politely. We compromised for this week. I'm assured I wont be asked again. Verdict # 3: Happy again.

Eating good again today. A plate of leftover sanwiches and cakes did the rounds of our office today. I firmly said no thanks without even looking away from my computer screen...just in case I saw something that was jumping out at me screaming "Eat me! Eat me!" :-)

I'm looking forward to my sleep in til 6am tomorrow. Yippee!! I have weights in the evening though which works much better for me. Oh and in true cancerian fashion I'm ignoring the issue I have to resolve at thats not true, I'm waiting for the right time to tackle it.

G'night all. Its late and I'm tired.


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