Thursday, November 02, 2006


I'm finding it hard to keep up the blogging. I'm also finding to hard to get back on track this week. My morning cardio isnt possible as with the start of daylight saving, 5am is actually 4am - read that "pitch black like the middle of the night" as I found out Monday morning :-( I got the week off to such a bad start with that 5am rising that I was dead tired, freezing cold and starving hungry all day. Recipe for disaster!! And I've felt cr***y all week. On Wednesday I had to teach 4 classes again but this time I was mega tired and really flat. Man it was 1 HUUUUUGE struggle. I know its 90% my fault because I havent been eating well so I dont feel good. God give me strength to get back on track again!!

On a positive note though, I've enjoyed being back at work. I actually need just a little more to do but that'll come. Tomorrow I'm having my first paid day off in about 2 years. Yippee!!

I'll have to force myself back into the clean eating/regular training routine again so I'm thinking of how bet to best tackle it in light of the very dark mornings. Ah the challenges that life throws us!!


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