Thursday, October 26, 2006


Wow, my last post was 5 days ago. What a busy time its been in between with another major change happening within my life and a whole new set of circumstances to get used to and learn to work with. Things have certainly been out of whack this week as you'll read below.

Sunday: taught my usual classes and worked reasonably hard, about 6.5 / 10. Ok so thats not very hard at all. The motivation was a bit low. Then we had our welcome back party in the afternoon.
Eating: 1/10 (poor effort!!) too much white junk, alcohol, and not a piece of fruit within cooee.
Exercise: as above
Had a great time though and so did everyone who came along. Its so good to be back!

Monday: First day back at work as a project manager. I laddered 2 pairs of pantyhose but wore the 2nd pair all day. Havent done that for 2 years! Also, heels all day...weird again. I spent Monday night finishing cleaning up after Sunday's party.
Exercise: none
Eating: helped to finish off some left-overs so not really on program. Drank wine (also left over from Sunday). BUT didnt overeat so thats a bonus.

Tuesday: Travelled to a country school with my boss. Worked an 11 1/2 hour day, including travel time. Had lunch at 3.30 after breakfast at 7am with nothing but water in between. Had a bit more wine with (late) dinner and some more left-overs. BUT didnt overeat again so thats good.
Exercise: Did a walk/jog (but very little jogging) in the morning for about 40 minutes. Effort wasnt great. I was in one of those "well at least I'm out here moods" and I was enjoying the gloriously mild morning we were having.

Wednesday: Things are starting to settle down a bit.
Exercise: 1 hour hi/low aerobics style class + 45 mins step class.
Eating: better today. No alcohol and better food choices.
I am mustering all my strength to stay out of the food shops around work!!

Thursday: Looking forward to the end of the week but grateful that I finally have time to get on the computer to answer emails, read blogs and update my own.
Eating: OK but I did have a glass of wine with dinner and a spicy thai chook kebab which wasnt exactly "clean food" but was there to be finished up.
Exercise: none.

So after seeing all that I know I need to get organised. I havent done any weights this week and not enough effective cardio. I also know that I need to stop eating whatever is around and make sure my meals are clean and a bit more regular. In effect I've had a week off from Ness' program but I felt that I needed it after the huge changes that have happened.

Here's my plan for the following week:

1. Morning cardio (running/walking with 10kg backpack) on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.
2. Weights: Mon, Tues, Thur evenings and hopefully 1 session on the weekend.
3. Eating: get it as clean as possible and more regular.

Really I just need to tighten up where I've slackened off a bit lately. Not sure if I'll weigh and measure tomorrow as I'm expecting a rise again, so whats the point of ruining my day and my positive outlook. BUUUUUUUT my goal will be to get back down to 68.7 kgs by the following Friday.

Will try to keep blog up to date to help keep me on track!!



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